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About Us

Our story begins with friends and family asking us for masks for their own protection, during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. They'd tried all the usual sources including Amazon, eBay etc and were either disappointed with the quality of the products supplied or could not wait for the long lead times they were quoting.

Another more elderly friend of ours had to attend an impending hospital appointment and didn't want to attend his appointment without a mask, so we reached out to a very personal friend of ours working as a nurse in the local hospital and she helped us source a mask, so our friend could attend his appointment. This indicated to us how far people were having to stretch to access masks.

Lisa, having previously worked in the care industry, also knew a number of care workers and friends who were struggling to source PPE equipment for themselves.

We subsequently reached out to a number of friends, family and business associates to get in touch with a number of legitimate UK suppliers of PPE equipment.

Which led us to decide we would try and help friends, family and local care workers / key workers with sourcing PPE.

It seems like, as in any line of business, there are a few reputable providers and a larger number of charlatans in the market.

We decided early on we were interested in moving forward only with partners able to supply legitimately certified products to medical standards.

And so here we are...helping friends, family, care workers, care homes and local businesses source PPE in these difficult times. Perhaps we can help you too?

Work Mask is operated by Nick Spalding Ltd, a specialist digital agency with more than 30 years in business. Our core team consists of Nick Spalding -  founder, Lisa Spalding - director.

Nick Spalding Ltd is registered in England and Wales. Registered Number 9590523.