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Article: Caring for someone at home with Covid-19?

Caring for someone at home with Covid-19?

Caring for someone at home with Covid-19?

Caring for someone with Covid-19?

We've put together this handy checklist for caring for someone at home with Covid-19.

To help them recover;

  • they will need lots of rest
  • they will need good quality food
  • they will need to drink plenty of water
  • use paracetamol and ibuprofen to help control symptoms of Covid-19, if. it is safe for them to do so (always seek professional advice).

If there is no improvement after 7 days, consult your healthcare service.

Isolate their area for 7 Days;

  • ideally they should have their own room
  • you should leave food outside their door
  • if you have to enter the WHO says you must wear a medical grade mask or respirators
  • throw away your mask when you leave the room

If you are using shared bathrooms, ideally set a rota to avoid using it at the same time. 

  • ideally you should use the shared room first
  • clean thoroughly after you have used it

Clean, Clean and Clean Again

Everything they touch could be infected with Covid-19, so regular cleaning is essential.

  • use disinfectant wipes to wipe down door handles
  • use disinfectant spray to wipe down any surfaces including toilets, bathrooms and shower rooms they may have touched
  • provide a separate bin for rubbish
  • avoid shaking out any laundry as this may spread the virus

Wash Hands Regularly

Whilst the UK government advice has been to wash your hands regularly to avoid the spread of Covid-19, this is essential when sharing a hosue with someone recovering from the virus. Wash your hands;

  • whenever you go near them
  • before cooking and preparing food
  • before you eat

Isolate yourself and your family for 14 Days

  • do not go outside, even for exercise

You must keep yourself well to be able to care for others.

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